Service and ElectroMechanical Devices

Technology & Innovations

The patented SEMD technology combines comfortable, wire free signal transmitting into completely self-sufficient systems.

Solutions for Automotive

In the field of cable harness testing SEMD provides a unique and superior technology. For more efficiency and flexibility.

Extensive Equipment

Suitable to our technical solutions we provide all needed installation parts and fast service.

Individual Developing

Not only in the Automotive Industry our know-how applies. Ask us about it!

Rely on Innovation in radio technology and solid IT-Systems.

With SEMD as a partner you rely on a young Team with extraordinary dynamic. Our company and our products are characterized by constant developing.

For Years our highly specified employees perform pioneering particularly in the field of Radio Technology. Our Know-how and our experiences in different disciplines such as IT, Telecommunication and Radio Technology lead us to consequent and numerous innovations and patents.

Our costumers in the Automotive market benefit from the advanced, energy self-sufficient system.

The main issue of these systems are energy self-sufficient remotes. No use of batteries and no power connection needed. Simply pushing the button supplies enough energy to transmit the radio signal to the receiver.

Based on this technology we facilitate complete structure systems for wiring harness assembling and control. Extremely flexible, very easy and at minimal maintenance expenses.

In cooperation with a global leading automotive industry system- and development supplier of wire, cable and wiring systems we optimized and refined it for daily use.